Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Brand New Chapter Emerges

It was hard trying to explain to people I know very well the reason behind my temporary closure. While I was contemplating between withdrawing myself from blog land completely, a turn of event took place that shook my world completely. You would have thought you've seen it all, experienced it all, feel it all but you when you do finally see what I see and feel what I feel, then only perhaps you would be able to come close to what my new chapter is about.

Between contemplating of picking up where I have left off and starting a fresh new chapter, I chose the latter. Everyone deserves a fresh new beginning. A fresh new start. No longer are we the same person we used to be. Don't believe me, ask yourself this.... how had you perceived about certain issues in life 5 years ago? How about we go back further 10 years ago? Or even 15 years ago? Your life experiences would have changed you a little. Offering you new perspectives. This new chapter I hope, will bring you some light into some of the issues you may have experienced yourself and your honest, original and diversified opinions is most sought after so you can help the author to better understand the issues being tackled.

Welcome to my brand new chapter "From Poison's Eyes"

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Where It All Ends...

Setiap yang bermula pasti akan berakhir

Di saat perkenalan baru bermula,
Di saat persabahatan baru terjalin,
Di saat kau memerlukan seorang teman,
Di saat yang indah baru berputik,
Di saat kebahagiaan baru dikecapi,
Di saat segalanya pasti,
Di saat inilah aku mulai merasakan
Catatanku sudah sampai di penghujungnya...
Mungkinkah akan kembali?
Mungkinkah kita kan bersua?
Mungkinkah itu satu kemungkinan....

~Hasil nukilan asli dari warga blogger yang dikenali sebagai Poison~

Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Whacky Wicked Wild Nite

FRIDAY: 21 July 2006, 1 Utama

It all took place here though somehow yours truly seemed to have gotten it mixed up with Dave's Deli. Apparently, both of these joints are under the same management and who would have thought Dave's Deli would have a bistro concept of fine dining. After desperate attempt at trying to locate the other bloggers, I finally made my way to Dave's. Everyone was already seated fully loaded with intensifying urge to devour the very morsel that they order.

We were seated nearby the bar located at the back of Dave's and right above us is this huge board and one can't help but zoom into a rather catchy label that brings a whole new meaning to sausages and satisfaction guaranteed. *grin*

Among some of the entrees/appetisers to get tantalise the stomach.

They can't get any better than this can they? Go ahead.... you know you want to. You know you got to... You know you just have to salivate, drool and curse us all for putting up these photos. Two of dishes ordered even has satisfaction guaranteed label that led to a lot of "Waaaahhh.." and not to mention "Ooohhhh...."

But the best is yet to come when I spotted a rather intereting sign that is just too good to pass and after a bit of photoshop you get this...

The karaoke session that followed became a whacky and wild event that sees a lot of laam, rock, balada, pop, Spice Girls wannabe and even some Italian connection.

Whacky, Wild and Wicked night it was indeed not to mention a lot of wet time laughing their hearts out when yours truly tried some cantonese phrases to knock cocka off his pants when he took a wrong tunnel and end up almost in Kota Damansara and out of The Curve.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Feel Good Night

It was a feel good night indeed with plenty of food to fill up the stomach and not to mention plenty of good company to keep conversations flowing, jokes pouring and cameras clicking. You probably have read about it all in my twin's blog, LB, May and Ah Tak.

Everyone seems to agree that they will never look at another naan the same way again. *grin* This place deserves a thumbs up for great food at such reasonable prices. Though it boasts of an airconditioned diner with authentic north Indian cuisine, the price is not those of Bombay Palace. So, the next time you feel like some Indian cuisine, hop into Tandoor Wallah Restaurant located at No. 82 Lorong Maarof, Bangsar. I don't have any contracts with the restaurant and if I do, I'll make sure they give discounts to all bloggers who drop by. *wink*

All the tech savvy folks (including my twin with her new baby) later adjourned to Centrepoint for some starbucking good time. Some tutorials lessons with LB on photoshop and a few assignments later, I managed to come with my own postcard. *grin* A very special thanks to sifu LB with his tech knowledge. All he got from me was "Waaahhhh!!!!", "Oooohhh.... like that one...", "waaahhhh... I didn't know that", "eh how ah? how you did that? Where do I go? Eh slow down la.... I'm a slow student wor.." Lucky for me, my tutor was a patient man and he goes on to show me step by step by step including some assignments I must complete by myself so he can test how much I have learned. So teacher... how ah? How's my postcard? Pass or not? *grin*

Meanwhile, my twin was pretty excited at learning that May's MacBook has built-in camera which and so begin the cam-whoring agenda. I almost got distracted too but I had my homework to complete. Of course, the Starbucking agenda would not have been complete without me drooling over May's baby, Mackie. You have to see this baby to appreciate the beauty of MacBook and why May is just so infatuated by it. Glossy screen and high resolution that makes any picture look ten times even better.

Ah Tak went all crazy with his lens clicking away his DSLR camera. We had a chance to hold his baby and took some photos with it. I think the camera was just as excited having some slender finders fiddling with it. Wakakakakka.....

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Some Secrets Are Best Kept

Things haven't been the same
Since you came, into my life
You found a way to touch my soul
And I'm never, ever, ever gonna let it go

Happiness lies in your own hand
It took me much too long
To understand how it could be
Until you shared your secret with me

Something's comin' over, mmm-mmm
Something's comin' over, mmm-mmm
Something's comin' over me
My baby's got a secret

You gave me back the paradise
That I thought I lost for good
You helped me find the reasons why
It took me by surprise that you understood
You knew all along, what I never wanted to say
Until I learned to love myself
I was never ever lovin' anybody else

My baby's got a secret with me...

"Secret" - Madonna

Madonna sings about them. Wisteria Lane is full of them. Secrets. Some Secrets cause ache and pain and misery. Other secrets are just plain lie. The ones meant to be kept are the ones which can cause the other party heartache and misery. Some secrets are not meant to be shared to protect the ones we love or the ones we care very much for fear of hurting their feelings. These type of secrets are the ones you carry to your grave.

Some folks just don't get it. They're your nosy neighbour around you who thinks that your secret is an open secret to everyone else. Some nosy folks just don't seem to get that and butting into other peoples's life where they don't belong. Not all secrets are meant for sharing no matter how high and mighty you think you are and no matter how justified you think it should.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Selamat Jalan - Bon Voyage

Every good thing must come to and end. The Rainforest World Music Fest 2006 had been a memorable event for me and my partner in crime. I think as an outdoor person, we appreciate the fact that the event is held outdoor with plenty of good spots to park our mat and absord the surrounding festive-like atmosphere. Unlike the usual concert you get else where, the RWMF is a unique experience altogether. Besides getting a dose of fusion music, you will also be experiencing the most talked about Sarawak's hospitality. That my dear, you get in huge doses. But don't only hear it from me, go and experience it yourself.

Leaving behind wonderful feeling of being home does make the heart ache. Here's what Sarawak is famous for... the controversial paper that closed down now has a new name in a spanking new tabloid size.. Not forgetting the famous kuih cincin, ikan masin terubok and the Satok market selling almost everything to do with ikan bilis (the locals call them ikan pusok or what you would know as the anchovies). Before heading back to KL, we got a taste of the local dishes and this time I ordered kuey tiau tomato while my friend ordered the Laksa Sarawak. These will be things I miss a lot about Kuching, the glorious food!!!

If you intend to visit Kuching some day, I would highly recommend Singgahsana Lodge. Not only this place is located within a stone throw away from the famous waterfront and Carpenter St. where you can get all the local arts and crafts including the famous tikar Sarawak (locally made mat made of tree bark or bamboo). The rooms are rather affordable and despite being categorised as a lodge, this place offers clean and comfortable stay. The Singgahsana staff are ever so charming and friendly and ever so ready to help you out whenever you need one. They keep the place tidy and clean to make your stay more comfortable. Here, you'll be walking around barefoot on its timber floorings and the penthouse is decorated almost like what you'll see on the ruai (verandah) of a rumah panjang (longhouse). Almost like home away from home.

L - R : butterfly chair ~ main entrance ~ room next door ~ staircase to 2nd floor ~ lounge/reception area and more butterfly chairs ~ reception desk

L - R : Penthouse at rooftop ~ The Bar ~ Pangkin (lounging area) ~ staircase leading to penthouse and Ramsay Ong's travel photo

We got lucky this time for the flight did not delay as much. I managed to snap of picture of our plane donning the Man U logo and colour. For a minute that, it felt like I was going to fly to Manchester until of course I got on board and was greeted by the Air Asia's flight attendants. Oh well, perhaps one day.

If you're into Jazz, the Miri International Jazz Festival is definitely the place for you to catch International acts. I had exprienced the Phillips Jazz Festival held at Mont Kiara some years back but have not heard about it much since then. This festival made its debut this year some time in early May. With the Visit Malaysia 2007 taking place next year, perhaps it would be a good time for you to visit this wonderful Land of the Hornbill and get into some Jazz action in May. That'll be another good reason to celebrate the month of May, the Miri International Jazz Festival. *wink*

Sunday, July 09, 2006

It's Almost Coming to an End

"Sweet Vibrations" Workshop being conducted
L to R: sape - Joseph & Henry (ORANG ULU DUO); erhu - Tay Hua Set (PERSATUAN ORKESTRA TRADIDI ORIENTAL KUCHING); qil qyaq (TENGIR TOO); morin khuur - Migdorj Tumenbajar & Yanlav Tumursaihin, ih huur -Uuganbaatar Tsend-Ochir (EGSCHIGLEN); maravany - Kilema (KILEMA); the Sweet Vibrations ensemble

Rainforest World Music Festival 2006 is coming to an end and on the third day of the 3-day concert, there was certainly plenty to expect in next year's event. After all, RWMF will be celebrating a decade of Music Fest. Yes folks. The RWMF had witnessed 10 wonderful years of celebrating world music. A special event that will also coincide with Visit Malaysia 2007. Already the organizers are talking about holding a special celebration to commemorate the event.

"Kissing Cousins" Workshop in session
Bidayuh bamboo instruments meet Madagascan ones

Yet despite barely even back to the city jungle of KL, I am already looking forward to coming back the RWMF 2007 scheduled to be held between 13-16 July. Even my partner in crime seems to agree. My trip this year had brought some bonuses to me. I spotted Gette another Kuching blogger whom I have never met before. Now you may wonder how I could guess Gette. Well, simply because she had Ducky with her. I just had to say hello and of course, take picture with Ducky to prove to you all that I've met the celebrated duck of Kuching. *grin* It was like killing two birds with one stone when Gette introduced me to Andrea. What a small world indeed. I was excited at my unexpected meetings that I even took photos with the celebrity duck.

The much anticipated group from Madagascar, Kilema received such a loud cheer for they were quite entertaining during the workshop in the afternoon. The following performace by Calle Sur of Latin America has the crowd in a wild and frenzy mood as they samba the house down. Even the crew themselves can't help but dance to the samba rhythm.

I hope I could come back next year. Perhaps as a volunteer just for the heck of it. We will see.

I can't bear to add any entry about the World Cup. My hope with France was run over by Italy. They played well the Azzuris. If I had been rooting for them, I would have been proud. Les Blues gave it their best shot. We cannot begin to imagine what could have caused Zizou to be so angry that cost him a red card. It had to be something so profound that he did what he did. Oh well, it is all over now and perhaps in 2010, we get to see some African nation in action. I would love to see Ghana, Senegal and even Korea make it to the semi. A hope that will have to wait another four years.